2013, Carmen Rebolledo

Hop is a bracelet meant for young children. It combines elements of classic outdoors games and digital games, usually played only on consoles and computers. Hop also explores how wearable technology can be used in innovative ways to play and learn.

The idea

Games contribute to cognitive and affective development in children, be it in video games or outdoors activities. However, we are at a moment where digital games and interfaces are heavily marketed for younger and younger audiences. This has consequences, both positive and negative, on children’s development and health.

The goal of Hop is to combine different types of games and create a hybrid playstyle where body and mind are used to the same extent, and where direct social communication and cooperation is the key to wining.

In this sense, all of the games developed for the bracelet are multiplayer only, and use gesture and movement recognition (among other things) as input, as well as wireless communication between them.

Adults have a role to play as game masters by bringing their smartphones or tablets to parameterise and launch games, keep scores and act as referees.

This project is the product of my masters dissertation about wearables and games for children under 10.
Link to Dissertation (french only)



Game icons


rond_copycat80 rond_dynamo80 rond_fill_bucket80 rond_invisible_maze80 rond_sorcery80