2013, school project, Carmen Rebolledo

Stamp is a mobile companion app for frequent business travellers that also introduces a playful system of discovery and rewards. The goal is to help business people stay in touch with their loved ones and feel less lonely during their trips.

The idea

For this project I wanted to create a companion app that was handy, practical, easy to use. At the same time, I wanted to transform it into something more humane, where the user was as important as the meetings he was going to.
The app uses a stretchable graphic calendar that helps keep track of meetings, flights, documents and contacts. It also includes a map with all the necessary information, as well as a set of clocks with different time zones relative to his trip.
The app also has a sort of playful social network to help the user stay in touch with friends and relatives during those very busy periods, in the form of a social feed wall.
Friends and family can send messages and photos to the business person but can also recommend places to visit. If the traveller accepts to visit what was suggested by his loved ones, they both earn a visual token. This visual token is an illustration that represents the place that was visited, such as a museum, a cafe or a restaurant. It can ultimately be printed as a pin button.

Wireframes & Iterations

I went though several iterations on every step of the design process, ideation, wireframes and visual research. Displaying such density of information was the main difficulty since I had to include a flexible calendar capable of handling timezones, clocks, maps, contacts, flights and hotel reservations, work documents, a stream of social events and a collection of visual tokens…
As for the overall graphic design of the app, I tried to stick to a retro futuristic look and feel that was heavily inspired by vinyl flight stickers from the fifties and sixties and also by postcard stamps.