Time is Money

2012, school project, Carmen Rebolledo

Time is Money is a game that uses irony to point out how we see time in occidental societies. The installation is meant to take place in the business districts of big capitals. Visit the project blog.

Players have to stand in front of a giant screen without moving to start accumulating coins. The more they spend time in front of the screen, the more money they gain; if they move too fast the coins fall to the ground and are lost. Players can also steal coins from others, and the daily highest score is displayed on the upper part of the screen.

montage5Screen shot 2012-12-13 at 10.55.06 AM screen-shot-2012-12-04-at-1-27-31-amscreen-shot-2012-12-13-at-5-25-51-pm screen-shot-2012-12-13-at-12-14-28-am