Visite au Louvre

louvre-logo2012, Amandine Victor & Carmen Rebolledo, student project

Visite au Louvre is a mobile app for visiting the Louvre museum where interactivity is at the heart of the discovery and learning experience. For this project we went through the process of researching and ideating the service, conceiving the user experience as well as designing the graphic interface of the app.

The Idea

During our research phase, we noticed that the current Audio Guides for museums offer a very passive and limited way to understand and experience the works of art. At the same time, mobile phones and tablets are used more and more often in these institutions, and very often people go online to get more information about the author and the works exposed.
We wanted to create an immersive experience that could embrace discovery and playful learning. We also wanted the experience to be more personalised, with a series of curated themes and durations, since visitors can be newcomers, fans of the museum, students etc. Finally, we wanted to merge mobile interaction and the Louvre learning database, to create a more meaningful visit.


We went through several iterations for the app structure and for the wireframes, refining the user journey and the navigation system as well as the graphic interface.
The final user experience revolves around two main things : a circular display that serves as compass and art “to view list”; and a series of playful on spot experiences for each work of art using augmented reality. This way the visitor can discover hidden references in paintings or understand the composition of a sculpture.


louvre-mavisite louvre-thematiques louvre_homelouvre-map